SHAK SHAK is a Calypso and Caribbean Acoustic band whose music is rooted in classic Calypso repertoire and Caribbean folk music traditions. Led by Barbadian-born singer and songwriter Roger Gibbs and multi-talented musician and ethnomusicologist Chris Wilson, SHAK SHAK is a genuine taste of the seductive rhythms and melodies that made Calypso a worldwide craze.

SHAK SHAK has been the resident band for the Professionals Calypso Tent music series in Toronto for the past two years, the only music series of its kind in North America. The series has been featuring all new work by top calypso composers and singers for the past 10 years.

SHAK SHAK reinterprets Caribbean folk songs, giving them a new twist, plus creates its own original Caribbean Acoustic sound. That sound draws inspiration from a wide variety of traditional genres, such as early calypso or kaiso, Bajan tukband and string band music, French creole bele tradition, Orisha religious chants and songs from saraca or “big drum” traditions. SHAK SHAK’s rootsy renditions of classic calypso songs give listeners an historical context to appreciate the exotic and rich folk traditions that influenced and shaped this popular Caribbean music. SHAK SHAK’s first CD “Hot So” featured eleven tracks – seven original Caribbean Acoustic songs and three covers from the folk and calypso songbook.

“One of my favorite CD’s of the year so far…. Sweet rootsy calypso at its finest.”
– Nicholas Jennings – music critic

“He has produced a gem.” Ken Stower

– host, Global Rhythms, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto

“…as pleasurable as the accidental discovery of a forgotten 1961 Krug champagne in the wine cellar.”

– David Farrell, www.newcanadianmusic.ca

SHAK SHAK’s two leaders – Roger Gibbs and Chris Wilson – have served for many years on the Board of the Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes (OCPA) and five years ago founded and currently produce Calypso Stars, a 3-hour concert that has for the past five years been Canada’s largest concert of Canadian calypso and is presented by Harbourfront Centre’s Island Soul festival.

SHAK SHAK’s new CD “Shak Shak Party” was released in January 2017.


Roger Gibbs – vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion 
Chris Wilson – alto sax, accordion, keyboards
Antony Pierre – congas, percussion
Sammy Clarke – percussion 
Jim Bish – tenor sax, clarinet, flutes
Wes Neal – acoustic bass
Patrick McNeilly – steelpans, percussion


For more info / bookings call (416) 484-6914 or email shakshakmusic@gmail.com